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Slide Seminar
Joint Pulmonary Pathology & Thymic and Mediastinum WGs

September 1st, 14.15-16.15 Auditorium I
Chairpersons: William Wallace (UK) and John Chan (Hong Kong)
Case 1
Presented by: Ulrike Gruber Mosenbacher, Feldkirch, Austria

Clinical History
18 years old slim male patient with a history of chronic cough since 4 weeks. Primarily fever, which could be reduced after antibiotic therapy, followed by recurrence and infury of a right distal rib because of forced coughing.

At admission no symptoms except slight pain at injured rib during coughing. No b-symptoms.

CT scan of a medistinal right sided lesion in chest X-ray reveals an inhomogeneous structure with stippled calcification without fat, measuring 8x8x4 cm, between sternum, jugulm and heart, pushing back aorta and trunk of pulmonary artery. 5x3 cm infiltrate in the right sinus phrenicocostalis. CCT and CT of abdomen and pelvis normal, testes normal by palpation.

Resection of the tumor incl. frozen section for tumor diagnosis and resection margins.
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Case 2
Presented by: Stefan Dojcinov, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Female, 66. The patient, a non-smoker, presented with a right lower lobe lung lesion. The clinical suspicion was of non-small cell lung cancer or tuberculosis. Right VATs lower lobe wedge resection was undertaken.
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Case 3
Presented by: Fiorella Calabrese, Padova, Italy

A 62-year-old woman with long history of productive cough, recurrent episodes of fever and prolonged usage of antibiotics developed in the last three years respiratory dysfunction and severe hypoxemia requiring non invasive ventilatory support.

Radiologic studies showed dilated airways more diffuse and prominent in the last computed tomography scan. The patient was considered eligible for bilateral lung transplantation. Bronchoalveolar lavage culture before lung transplantation was positive for Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The lung section is from the explanted native lungs.
Slide 1HE 1HE 2ChromograninMNF11634BE12
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Case 5
Presented by: John Chan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

This 55-year-old man is an ex-smoker with good past health. He presented with dry cough noticed for 3 months. PET-CT scan revealed multiple hypermetabolic nodules in both lungs, bulky tumor in mediastinum, metastatic lymph nodes in right hilum, extensive pleural disease and multiple nodules in the liver. A liver biopsy was performed.
Sldie 1 - HESldie 2 - HESlide 3 - HESlide 4 - HESlide 5 - HESlide 6 - HESlide 7 - HE
Slide 8 - cKIT
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Case 6
Presented by: Philipp Ströbel, Göttingen, Germany

A 22-year-old patient presented with increasing dyspnea, anterior thoracic pain, coughing, and fever since two weeks which persisted under antibiotic treatment. His medical history was unremarkable. Thoracic computed tomography (CT) revealed an 11-cm tumor located in the anterior mediastinum, close to the pulmonary artery and aortic arch, extending to but not infiltrating the chest wall. A large thymoma was suspected and transsternal complete resection of the mediastinal mass, wedge resection of the anterior portion of the left upper lobe, and excision of the left phrenic nerve due to tumor involvement was performed. Tumor-free resection margins were confirmed by microscopic examination of intraoperative frozen sections.
Cystic teratoma overviewCystic teratoma detail high powerNEC carcinoid pattern w small hepatic remnantNEC solid pattern
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Case 7
Presented by: Alexander Marx, Germany

This lecture is not a Case presentation
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