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Slide Seminar
Look-alikes in endocrine pathology

September 1st, 17.00-19.00 Auditorium VIII
Chairpersons: Paul Komminoth (Switzerland) and Anne Couvelard (France)
Case 1
Presented by: Yersu Kapran, Istanbul, Turkey

37 year old male patient complained of dyspepsia and dysphagia. His upper gastrointestinal endoscopy revealed a polypoid mass lesion at GEJ . After the diagnosis of poorly differantiated carcinoma, total gastrectomy was performed. Tumor was 5 cm in greatest diameter and located at GEJ. Neoplastic cells had hyperchromatic nuclei with scant cytoplasm, and high mitotic rate. Immunophenotypic analysis revealed strong and diffuse synaphtopysin and CD56 posititivity. The case was sent for second opinion.
Slide 1SYN (1)SYN (2)CD56
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Case 2
Presented by: Jerome Cros, Clichy, France

A 60 years old female with no medical history presents a pancreatic tail mass and a multinodulary liver. The (US)-guided core biopsy of one of the liver lesions is performed.
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Case 3
Presented by: Catarina Eloy, Porto, Portugal

Fifty-six year old woman with clinical and cytological diagnosis of Hashimoto thyroiditis (thyroid peroxidase antibodies >1000 IU/ml) that presented with a painless nodule in the left lobe of the thyroid measuring 25mm in its largest dimension, documented in the neck ultrasound. This nodule was “cold” in the scintigraphy with radioactive iodine.

Macroscopically, the thyroid had a pale, vaguely nodular appearance. An encapsulated nodule measuring 25mm x 25mm x 17mm was present in the upper half of the left lobe.This nodule had a solid, brownish, variegated cut surface. In the lower half of the right lobe there was a solid, whitish nodule measuring 3mm in its largest dimension.
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Case 4
Presented by: Frederique TISSIER, Paris, France

63-year old man with an adrenal nodule considered as an incidentaloma. There was no hormonal biological abnormality. Computed tomography (CT) imaging showed an adrenal mass (14 mm in 2007, 18 mm in 2008, 18 mm in 2009) with an unenhanced density of 25 Hounsfield units and a washout, suggesting a benign lesion. In September 2010, CT imaging showed an increase of the mass (25 mm). In January 2011, positron emission tomography scanning with 18 F-fluorodeoxyglucose was in favor of a benign lesion but could not rule out a malignant one. In July 2011, CT imaging showed a further increase of the mass (30 mm). An adrenalectomy was decided. At gross examination, the adrenal weighed 12g and showed a lesion measuring 34 x 25 x 15mm, yellow orange, with hemorrhagic areas.
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Case 5
Presented by: Ronald R. de Krijger, Delft, Netherlands

63-year old woman with unremarkable previous clinical history, presented with an enlarged left ovary, maximum diameter 4 cm. At gross inspection a fallopian tube was present with a length of 4 cm. The ovary measured 4x2,5x2 cm. Upon sectioning hairs and debris were noted in a cystic structure.
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Case 6
Presented by: Paul Komminoth, CH-8063 Z├╝rich, Switzerland

74 year old male patient with a rectal tumor and liver metastases.
Slide 1Makro 1Makro 2Mikro 1 (HE)Mikro 2 (HE)Mikro 3 (HE)Mikro 4 (HE)
Mikro 5 (MiB1)
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Case 7
Presented by: Prof. Dr. Abbas Agaimy, Erlangen, Germany

A 57-year old man was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the right tonsil at a peripheral hospital and then came to our hospital for further surgical treatment. Right-sided tonsillectomy and synchronous ipsilateral neck dissection (cN+) were performed.
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